According to a PwC Middle East survey, the Middle East is quickly emerging as one of Padel’s largest prospective markets. The Middle East has seen a dramatic growth in the popularity of padel, which may surprise some people. Padel clubs are opening up all over this region to satisfy the demand for what is quickly becoming one of the most well-liked and rapidly expanding leisure activities in Europe and the world.

While football, motorsports, and tennis are often associated with the Middle East, padel has recently gained significant traction and is very popular, particularly in Dubai and Egypt. Get into these facts below to understand the prominence of padel in the Middle East.

  1. There are about 1,850 padel courts in the Middle East.
  2. According to a PwC Middle East survey, the Middle East is one of the largest prospective markets for padel courts and related equipment.
  3. The first-ever World Padel League took place in Dubai in May 2023, featuring the greatest sports players and elevating the city as a global sports destination.
  4. The Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN) reported that padel sport has expanded throughout Kuwait over the past few years, attracting the interest of not only young men and women but also children and teenagers.


Numerous sports claim to be the fastest-growing globally, but Padel stands strong as one of those sports where such a claim is reasonably accurate. Padel’s appeal has grown worldwide, particularly in Europe, the United Kingdom, and now the Middle East. With new courts in different cities across the Middle East, padel has proven itself as a sport that’s here to stay. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.