Padel Equipment

What Equipment Do You Need to Play Padel?

In the most basic sense, all you need to play padel is four players across two teams, a racket each and a ball.

Want to start playing padel more seriously? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the kit used in padel so that you’ll be perfectly equipped to kick off your playing career. As the sport is rapidly growing in popularity, the equipment is becoming easier and cheaper to find, you should be able to find a racket for around £30 and a set of balls for £15.

Padel Rackets

The IFA (International Padel Federation) state that the racket you use in the game of padel should meet the below regulations:

• The handle is no longer than 20cm, no wider than 50mm and no thicker than 50mm.
• The length of the head plus the handle must not be longer than 45.5cm, no wider than 26cm and no thicker than 38mm.

A tolerance of 2.5% in the thickness is permitted.

The surface of the head does not have a limit on the number of cylindrical holes permitted, although each hole must measure between 9 and 13mm in the centre area.

Both sides of the head must be flat, however they can be either smooth or rough.

Unless they prevent deterioration, you are not permitted to attach any objects to the racket. Any acceptable objects must have a reasonable size and positioning on the racket.

It is obligatory that players must wear a non-elastic cord around their wrist which is fixed to the handle of the racket. This cord cannot be any longer than 35cm.

Padel Tennis Racket and Ball

To Summarise

A padel racket is solid and features circular holes on the head and can vary in thickness and weight.

Padel Balls

To use a ball for an official padel competition it must meet the below regulations outlined by the IFA:

• The ball must be a sphere and either yellow or white in colour
• The diameter should be between 6.35mm and 6.77cm
• The weight should be between 56g and 59.4g
• When let onto a hard surface from a height of 2.54, it must bounce between 135cm and 145cm
• It must have an internal pressure of between 4.6kg and 5.2kg per 2.54 square cm

To Summarise

The ball is less pressurised than a traditional tennis ball but looks very similar.

Your Clothing

Suitable sportswear and footwear are permitted, but sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed. It is recommended for teams to wear the same clothing during competitions. If you are a keen player, than you may want to invest in some padel shoes as these will be specifically designed for the sport.

Umpires must wear an easily identifiable item of clothing during international tournaments.

If you’re interested in the guidelines for padel courts, we’ve put together an extensive guide on the different requirements and regulations required. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.