How to Play Padel

Video Transcript

When you step onto the court, slide your hand through the strap, hold the racket with the hammer grip and tighten the strap.

Remember to warm up properly before starting to play.

When all players are ready to play, the right to serve first is decided by a draw.

The match starts with a serve which in Padel is taken as follows: you drop the ball behind the service line and after it has bounced you hit it into the diagonal service box on the opponent’s side.

The ball must be at or below waist level when the racket hits it.

When the ball goes over to the opponent’s side after the serve, the first bounce must hit the service box.

The serve must not hit the wire fence after the first bounce. If the first serve is not valid, the player can take a second serve.

In serving and in play the ball must always hit the ground before hitting the side or back walls.

If the ball fails to cross the net or hits the wall on the opponent’s side without bouncing off the ground, the pair who hit the ball loses a point.

In play, unlike in serving, you can use the entire sight of the court.

When the ball comes to your side of the court, you can return it with a volley, after one bounce, or by hitting it to the opponent’s side using the glass wall on your side.

Note that after hitting the floor the ball is allowed to bounce off one or more glass wall or wire fence, as long as it is returned before it bounces twice.
In paddle the team that wins a ball first gets 15 points, then 30 and then 40. After winning the fourth point, the team wins a serve and the first game. But if the score is tied 40-40, a team must win two consecutive points to win a serve. To win a set you need to win six games with a two game difference. When the score is 6-6, a tie break decides the winner of the set. To win a tie break you need to get seven points with a two point difference. The team that first wins two sets, wins the match.

Here’s a tip: patience pays off in Padel, and you often succeed by hitting smartly instead of just hitting hard. One more thing, we still need two more players. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.