A stylish curved roof option


This self-supporting curved roof is a constructive solution.

Curved Roof Padel Court Cover

With the Curve model, there is no roof load-bearing structure and the curved metal profile rests on the load-bearing beams. It is a corrugated metal profile that is curved by drawing. The profile is fixed to the beams using screws. Thanks to this, they are the lightest solution on the market for roofing. This increases assembly speed, reduces costs, saves structure and improves the aesthetics. 



All of our products include installation from our team of experts.


Dimensions: 11,000 x 21,000 mm

Pillars height: 7,000 mm

Pillars: S- 275- JR rolled profiles

Finish: Preparation surface according to DIN EN ISO 12944- 4 grade Sa 2 1/2

Final paint: Finished colour: Pyrenean White, Pearl Grey, Navarre Green, Lake Blue

Cover plate: Self-supporting mod. INCO 70.4 Curved

Outer face: colour to choose (according to Aceralia chart)

Inner face: Grey colour (Contact us for details on other colour choices) 

Bolted Joints: Steel Screws quality 8.8

Civil work: Concrete footings HA- 25- B IIa has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.