A semi-curved design


Semi-curved roof, combines high-quality, resistance and aesthetic beauty with the most competitive prices.

We therefore consider it our flagship product. MT- 52 profile of great resistance and attractive design which makes it ideal for its application on padel court decks. It is a constructive solution formed by a framework of tubular profiles on which the corrugated metal profile rests. The profile is fixed to the tubular beams by means of screws. Thanks to this they represent a more economical solution for the realization of covers.



All of our products include installation from our team of experts.


Dimensions: 11,000 x 21,000 mm     

Pillar height: 7,000 mm     

Pillars: S- 275- JR  tubular profiles
Finish: Preparation surface according to DIN EN ISO 12944- 4 grade Sa 2 1/2    

Final paint: Finished colour: Pyrenean White, Pearl Grey, Navarra Green, Lake Blue    

Cover sheet: Corrugated sheet mod. MT- 52    

Outer face: colour to choose (according to Aceralia chart)    

Inner face: Grey colour (Contact us for details on other colour choices) 

Bolted  Joints: Steel Screws quality 8.8  

Civil works: Hilti-type chemical anchors to the ground has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.