What are the Dimensions of a Padel Court?

Video Transcript

Padel Court dimensions: all you need to know.

If you are a Padel player like me, I am pretty sure you are familiar with this question: isn’t the Padel court the same size and platform tennis? Although similar, they are not the same. In this video, we will cover all the essential facts you need to know about Padel court dimensions and the elements that are part of it.

The court size

Length: 65ft 7in or 20m. Width: 32ft 8in or 10m.

Surprisingly enough the playable area is bigger in Padel than in tennis singles. The rest of the modalities (paddle tennis and pickleball) are on average half the size of a tennis court in terms of the playable area. As a last observation, the height of the Padel court should ensure a minimum of 19ft 7in or 6m free of elements obstructing the area. New Padel courts constructions suggest lifting that minimum to 26ft 2in or 8m.

The service lines: the court in the sport of Padel is rectangular and divided into two sides by a net. Parallel to the net, there is a service line, one on each side of the court. The service lines are placed at a distance of 22ft 8in or 6.95m on both sides. The area in between is divided in two by a perpendicular line called the centre service line.

The net: Similar to many racket sports, the net in Padel is slightly lower in the centre. It must be 34ft 6in or 0.88m high in the centre, and 36in or 0.92m at the sides. Attached at the end are two lateral posts with a maximum height of 41in or 1.05m. The net must be 32ft 8in or 10m long. There might be no spaces between both ends of the net and the posts.

Enclosures: One of the main characteristics of Padel courts is that they must be fully enclosed. To comply with official measurements of a Padel court, the ends of the enclosures measured from the inside must be 65ft 7in or 20m in length and 32ft 8in or 10m in width. Note that the Padel courts are enclosed differently depending on the side of the court.

Back ends: ¾ will be enclosed by solid walls or glass, and the rest of the enclosure will be fenced. One of the main premises for a court to be constructed according to the official standards, is that the bounce of the ball should be uniform.

End walls: When speaking of end walls, there must be a total height of 13ft 1in or 4m. The first 9ft 8in or 3m of the wall can be built of any solid material. The last 3ft 1in or 1m, is made out of metallic fence.

Out-of-court-play: In order to have out-of-court situations, there must be two access to the court on both sides.

Dimensions: No less than 6ft 5in or 2m wide and 13ft 1in or 4m long on both sides. A minimum of 9ft 8in or 3m high.

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