What to Consider When Installing a Padel Court

Video Transcript

Planning to invest in a Padel Court? It is the amusing and therapeutic sport of the third millennium, suitable for everyone. It requires less space and maintenance than a tennis court. It can cost half and be twice as profitable. Here is all you need to know.

Why you need to be compliant. Be sure you are well-informed. Padel courts are regulated by facility standards and thus require specific construction and technical permits, even just to carry out the perimeter curve or the reinforced concrete platform. By complying with the required directives, managers and owners can avoid future civil and criminal liability arising from a structure expected to last at last 20 years, way more than the minimum required by law.

Artificial grass turf: at Italian Padel, we tried, tested and selected them all together with world-class players and trainers. You can choose one that meets your needs best and combine it with three different types of flooring, accessing various play performance depending on the combinations, we will help you choose.

Warranty: when it comes to Padel, he who gambles, spends more. In various centres you can spot courts that have progressively and irreversibly deteriorated within a few months or years, forcing the owners to regret their past choices and becoming a source of concern for the long-term future. Imagine seeing your car rusty after a few months, how would you feel? A Padel Court is expected to last at least 20 years. A piece of advice: always opt for companies that can assure you quality, safety and availability. Keep away from those who only offer low costs.

Taboo word: rust. It is the most scary word because it is a progressive, irreversible and unsolvable, made of tubular elements measuring a few millimetres, it can only result in structural failure or collapse. Why take the risk of worrying for 20 years?

Brescia was the European capital of the steel industry and we at Italian Padel our experts at it. Spread over 12,000 square meters including the showroom, production department and warehouse, today we are Europe’s largest manufacturer of Padel courts. After 25 years in the market, 40,000 gates and 800 kilometres of fence set up, we assure you we only use galvanized anti-abrasion profiles, joined using rust prevention welding and powder coated with furnace firing.

Days, months, years will pass, but you will not have to worry. Size matters. And when it comes to glass, two millimetres can make the difference. Do not take chances. Be well-informed. Unlike in some countries, the Italian regulations on the safety of using tempered glass panels for public installations, require a three kiloton per meter horizontal thrust resistance.

In case of post mounted Padel courts thus configured, this requirement cannot be met by 10 millimetre glass panels. We at Italian Padel, only use 12 millimetre glass panels, which offer better playability given their greater rigidity.

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