Where is Padel Played in The UK?

Video Transcript

Andrea Butland: What’s going on here today is cutting away the turf and starting the soil clearance for the installation of our three Padel courts. Padel is a great fun game. It’s easier to learn than squash and tennis which are our basic racket sports, so it’s a great game for kids to start with. It’s also played as doubles so it’s slightly less strenuous for some of the older members, and that makes it very sociable.

Richard Savory: So we’ve been working closely with with Darren and the committee at the club to secure the funding from the Lawn Tennis Association to draw up the technical specifications and to find the right suppliers for the Padel courts.

Guy Heathcote: Padel Tech’s involvement is we supply and install the actual courts. So we’re partnering with Court Stores who are our partners in the South West of England. They’ll deal with all the ground works and the landscaping and Padel Tech supply and install the Padel courts themselves.

Carl Page: So the main difference between Padel and tennis is the Padel surround, the Padel court. So a lot more work to a ring beam, a concrete ring beam which is the foundations which is in the ground. Obviously the putting up the Padel court and the fact that there are three in such a small area or small space is a bit of a challenge but we’re ready for it.

Andrea Butland: There will be times of the day, every day, when this is going to be available for the whole community of Cheltenham on a pay-as-you-go basis and we obviously hope that if people do that and they enjoy it, they’ll then want to join the club and become members as well, but it will be available for anyone to try and we’re going to keep the costs as reasonable as we possibly can.

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