Padel is a thrilling, fast-paced racket sport that has recently increased in popularity. The sport has spread rapidly in the past 25 years to over 57 nations, with Spain standing strong among them.

Right now, padel is Spain’s second most popular sport, behind football, and its popularity is growing. To find out more about why Spain has a thriving and active padel scene, here are five facts we’ve compiled for you to get into.

  1. The inclusive and social nature of padel has increased the number of amateur players in Spain. There is now a greater talent pool available for international events because of this player base increase.
  2. Federated Padel became one of the most popular sports in Spain in 2021 when its player count overtook that of tennis players.
  3. In addition to increasing participation rates, new competitions and professional circuits are drawing sizable audiences.
  4. Related services have expanded due to the thriving padel scene, and many businesses are trying to digitize this exciting market.
  5. Spanish producers have benefited from the rising demand for padel courts worldwide. They now serve international markets and replace outdated courts with new, standardized ones.


Spain has cemented itself as a global padel landmark as it houses many professional players and courts. Padel has flourished as a worldwide phenomenon in the last ten years, gaining enormous traction in several other European nations, such as Sweden, France, Italy, and, most recently, the UK. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.