The popularity of padel has been multiplying for decades now. Padel offers excellent versatility as an indoor sport that people can also play outdoors. That’s why building courts anywhere worldwide, regardless of the weather, is possible.

Among the world’s top padel hotspots are European nations, including Belgium, Sweden, and Italy. This begs the question, “What is the total number of padel courts constructed in Europe?” Join us as we explore answers to this question below.

  1. According to a fresh analysis created by Playtomic and the research firm Monitor Deloitte, 6,600 courts were built in Europe in 2022.
  2. Around 31,401 of the world’s estimated 40,000 padel courts are in Europe.
  3. The report’s data indicates an optimistic prediction that in 2026, there will be approximately 85,000 padel courts worldwide, more than doubling the current number of about 40,000.


While most padel courts in Europe were installed between 2022 and 2023 in the established markets of Sweden, Spain, and Italy, the rate at which courts are added in the emerging market is more intriguing. With padel taking over the world, there is a rush to build courts now that investors have recognized the potential! has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.