Padel is similar to other racquet sports like squash, badminton, and tennis. However, padel’s history is new compared to other sports. Padel garnered a devoted following in other Spanish-speaking nations as it swiftly gained popularity in Mexico.

Padel is in many nations and is approved by several international governing bodies. In the United States, padel is gradually becoming increasingly popular despite being a relatively young sport. Read on as we spotlight five vital statistics that support the prominence of padel in the US.

  1. Florida was the site of the country’s first padel courts in the 1990s, although the sport did not become widely popular until relatively recently.
  2. Padel courts in the US will experience an increase in 2022–2023, which will be a response to the worldwide padel court phenomenon.
  3. At least 20 upcoming Padel projects will bring about 30,000 courts by 2030.
  4. The announcement of the New York Yankees’ agreement to purchase a portion of the A1 Padel Circuit Tour was made in March 2023 by Yankee Global Enterprises.
  5. Promoting padel and constructing additional padel courts by groups like the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) and the United States Padel Association (USPA) are significant factors in the sport’s growth in the US.


Ultimately, although padel is still a relatively niche sport in the US, it is expected to gain popularity in the years to come as more padel courts are constructed and more people become aware of the activity. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.