Regarding participation, padel stands tall among the sports with the quickest rate of growth worldwide. Join us as we take you through 15 countries, opening their arms wide to this sport. Let’s go!

  1. Spain: With over 4 million players and the most top-tier professional players, Spain is the country of origin for Padel.
  2. Denmark: Padel has seen tremendous growth in popularity in Denmark in the past few decades.
  3. Sweden: Padel’s popularity in Sweden has surged from the promotion it received from celebrities like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  4. Portugal: Padel has grown more popular in Portugal thanks to the proliferation of padel courts and competitive tournaments.
  5. Finland: Finland’s padel has become extremely popular over the last three years, with a unique playing technique.
  6. Chile: Padel has grown in popularity in Chile since it was imported from Argentina in the 1990s.
  7. Belgium: Padel has spread to Belgium after enjoying widespread appeal in Argentina and Spain.
  8. Italy: Padel courts have multiplied fivefold in Italy since the beginning of 2020, reaching nearly 5,000.
  9. Paraguay: The Paraguayan capital is a city that exudes padel culture, housing many famous players and tournaments
  10. Norway: In the past five years, padel’s popularity in Norway has grown dramatically.
  11. Netherlands: Padel is the fastest-expanding sport in the Netherlands and is now gaining popularity there.
  12. Argentina: Padel is a well-liked sport with over 10,000 courts and two million players.
  13. Kuwait: Padel has gained popularity in Kuwait and eclipsed Ramadan football competitions.
  14. UAE: Padel has grown significantly in the United Arab Emirates during the past ten years, leaving a significant mark on the nation.
  15. Qatar: Since at least 2017, padel has gained popularity in Qatar and has multiplied over the years.


In the realm of sports, padel’s global expansion is highly noteworthy. From its starting point in Mexico, it has spread to South America and even Spain. With nations like Sweden and Denmark, it began to acquire traction in central and northern Europe. Later on, the game spread to the Middle East. It’s no surprise that one can now find padel players in even the most remote regions of the world. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.