Padel is a sport that mixes moves and elements of tennis and squash into a single sport. It is played in doubles on an enclosed court, with a size that is one-third of a tennis court, surrounded by glass walls and metallic mash. The racket sport was invented in Mexico by Enrique Corcuera in 1969 and it has gained popularity in Europe and Latin America.

Sweden is home to many lively sports, one of which is Padel. To understand how much the Swedish love this sport, we have provided these seven facts for you.

  1. According to Playtomic, Sweden currently boasts an estimated 700,000 Padel players. That number of players is more than 7% of the total population.
  2. The Swedish Padel Federation (Svenska Padelförbundet), over the years, has started to work with players’ associations and sponsors to organize their official professional circuit and also create a national Padel team.
  3. There are about 4000 padel courts in Sweden.
  4. The World Padel Tour and FIP Official Circuits both celebrate tournaments in Sweden.
  5. It is estimated that there are 1050 venues for Padel in Sweden, which includes Padel and tennis clubs; gyms, and sports centers.
  6. The sport enjoys the attention of many spectators worldwide which has pushed many people to place bets on it, including an important personality like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  7. There are about 385 courts per million inhabitants.


Sweden played a major role in increasing the recognition of padel in the world due to its large number of players and periodic tournaments. Padel is bound to grow into a renowned racket sport in the coming years and it is expected to gain recognition in many countries of the world. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.