Padel has no doubt proven to be a remarkable sport. This Mexican-born racket sport has become a global sensation, winning over fans worldwide. Since its inception, it has continued to expand at an astounding pace, ranking among the most popular sports in numerous nations, particularly Spain and the rest of Europe, where it is always changing.

Through these seven significant dates, we’ll explore the history and development of Padel following its transformation from a backyard hobby to an international phenomenon.

1970 – Padel was mainly introduced to Europe in Spain as a recreational sport for the affluent Marbella class.

1980 – Padel courts quickly spread throughout Spain, reflecting the sport’s rising middle-class appeal and acceptability.

1990 – Padel is officially recognized as a sports discipline, and the Federation EspaƱola de Padel is established. The emergence of regional padel competitions in Spain contributes to the amateur character of the sport.

2005 – The creation of the Pro Padel Tour, the first professional padel competition, demonstrates the sport’s growing popularity worldwide.

2013 – The World Padel Tour, a new professional circuit, replaces the PPT with the goal of continuing to grow this sport globally.

2020 – Padel craze spreads worldwide: major public personalities begin playing, padel adoption soars in Europe, money pours into the sport, etc.

2022 – In collaboration with the International Padel Federation, a brand-new international Padel professional circuit called Premier Padel is established and will be played in seven different nations in 2022.


Padel has advanced significantly in a comparatively short amount of time, from its modest origins in a garden in Mexico to its sudden climb to prominence on the global scene. Presently, padel seeks acknowledgment as an Olympic sport, indicating its desire for acceptance and significance on a worldwide scale. has been acquired by UK leading canopy manufacturer A&S Landscape. Please contact [email protected] for any enquiries.